Managing Committee
President & Vicar:           Rev. Fr. Saji Markose

Vice President:                Mr. Shery Paul

Trustee:                            Mr. Franklin Pathrose

Secretary:                         Mr. Kurian Abraham

Committee Members:      Mr. Biju Paulose, Mr. Joseph K V & Mr. Sajeev Poulose

Auditor:                           Mr. Cherian Jacob
Telephone Contacts
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Directions to Place of Worship
Our church services are held at 5600 S 6th Street, Phoenix, AZ - 85040 (Map)
Rev. Fr. Saji Markose   -  (623) 915 - 1024

Mr. Shery Paul              -  (480) 329 - 2466

Mr. Kurian Abraham    -  (602) 690 - 7892

Mr. Franklin Pathrose   -  (602) 516 - 2424
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Postal Mailing Address
St. Peters JSOC Phoenix

5600 S 6th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040
Application for Church Membership: Please contact President or Secretary to become a member of St. Peters JSOC church.
St. Peter's Jacobite Church, Phoenix