Sunday school is held after the Holy Mass on every Sunday, with 2nd Sunday of every month dedicated to Syriac/Aramic classes for all

Rev. Fr Saji Markose                   Teachers:                   Mrs. Suma Jacob                  Mrs. Elizabeth Poly
Headmistress:      Mrs. Rachel Kurian                      Mrs. Reeni Cherian     Ms. Merin Jacob                   Mrs. Nisha Sumesh         
                                                                            Mr. Abel John            Ms. Kiran Kurian                  Mrs Rachel Kurian
Mar Gregorios Students And Young Adults Association
Sunday School for Children
Youth league has organized for spiritual enlightenment youngsters.

President:                      Rev. Fr Saji Markose                  Vice President:                              Secretary:        Ms. Aswin Jacob
Treasurer:                      Mr. Sam Cherian                  
St. Paul's Prayer Fellowship
St. Mary's Women's League
Our Organizations
St. Pauls's prayer fellowship has organized for spiritual growth and enrichment of all the members of the church.

President:                       Rev. Fr Saji Markose                 Secretary:        Mr. Varghese Kuriakose
Treasurer:                       Mr. Franklin Pathrose                                                                      
St. Mary's women's league has organized for spiritual growth and enrichment the women of the church

President:                      Rev. Fr Saji Markose                  Secretary:        Mrs. Mary Biju
Treasurer:                      Mrs. Suja Varghese                           
Cultural Secretary      Mrs. Jothi Poulose
Sunday School Magazine -  Voice of St. Peter's Sunday School  Edition-1  Edition-2  Edition-3 Edition 4  Edition-5  10 Year Edition  Edition-2017
St. Peter's Jacobite Church, Phoenix