Our Organization

Sunday School

Our Sunday school offers well organized and systematic syllabus under the Malankara Archdiocese of North America, which helps our children to build their basic knowledge about God, Holy Bible, Tradition, Sacraments, prayers and songs. It helps the kids to develop their personal relationship with God and learn the importance of spiritual life, healthy family, social relations and good characters. Other Activities: VBS, Talent Show, Charity Event.

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St. Mary's Women's League

This organization promotes Christian beliefs and values among the women and their families. Their activities complement the overall functions of the Church. The members meet every Sunday after the Holy Mass to read Holy Bible, sing songs, and pray for the needy. They also conduct special intercessory prayer to St. Mary and also conduct regular Bible studies.

Other Activities: Financial help to education, treatments for needy people, Talent show, Social work.

St. Paul's Prayer Fellowship

This organization is a platform to meet and explore the spiritual needs of men in our Church. It helps the upbringing of our new generation in faith, tradition and gospel study. It also helps those who are in need of social and spiritual nurturing through Holy Bible, and helps the Church Managing committee in the spiritual and temporal matters of the Church.

Other Activities: Monthly cottage prayer meeting, charitable works and Church picnic.

Mar Gregorios Students And Young Adults Association

This organization is the combined association for teenage students as well as for young adults under the age of thirty. The main aim of this organization is to help the teens and young adults to study the Holy Bible, traditions and history of our Church, to practice the faith of our Church to build a better future generation and to develop the future leaders of the Church in a spiritual way.

Other Activities: Charitable and social works, work as Sunday school teachers, arrange sports and games.

Altar Assistants

Altar Assistants with Vicar

Members: Basil Kurian, Kurian Abraham, Ashish Varghese, Ashwin Jacob, Basil Vinu, John Santhosh , Benny Sunny, Abel John, Sam Cherian, Christo Sajeev Poulose, Poulose Pallikkottil, Dens Sumesh, Collin Franklin

Church Choir

Church Choir Members with Vicar

Members: Abel John, Rev. Fr. Saji Markose, Mrs. Sincy John, Ms. Kiran Kurian, Ms. Sera Cherian, Ms. Erin John, Ms. Aleena Biju, Ms. Mahima Varghese